Metro Express Pizza - Elizabethtown 

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PERKA INFO (Metro Rewards)

Attention PERKA REWARDS Customers:

Due to a change made by

PERKA (our rewards program provider),

You may ONLY check-in via the


TEXT Check-in is no longer supported. 

If you wish to continue earning Rewards,

Please download the PERKA App & either I or PERKA (1-888-957-3752) can help transfer over your Perks you currently have to the App. 

If you can't download the APP or choose not, I will honor your current Perks at an equivalent discount rate

(i.e.6 of 12 Perks on Pizza will get you 1/2 off a Pizza)

(Use the Contact Us page to Email your PERKA name & Phone Number & I will credit your Metro Account with the discount.)